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How to succeed with your new year’s resolution: Let it be and let it go

It’s that time of year again when many of us think of something new we can take on, be it a new pattern or goal like losing weight, sitting down to write that novel, eating healthier or being kinder to our loved ones. The new year is a great inspiration for starting over or trying [...]

Self Support: The key to bearing difficult feelings in coping with OCD or just life

When you’re doing any kind of personal work on yourself, sometimes it’s easy to forget to give yourself credit for your hard work. Sometimes we look only outside ourselves hoping other people in our lives will notice the work we’re doing and support us for doing it but we fail to see that WE can [...]

Mindful and Somatic Tools for Coping with OCD

When you’re suffering from OCD, from a mindfulness perspective you are very identified with certain thoughts you have to the exclusion of others. In fact, not only are you identified with your obsessive thoughts, you may in general tend to be more aware of your thoughts than you are of other aspects of your being [...]

Too scared to begin exposure for OCD? Try this tool

Today’s tool for coping with OCD might provoke criticism from those who believe OCD is exclusively a biological disease that should be treated in a solely behavioral and non exploratory context. However, those of us who practice CBT know that what really needs to happen for you to soften your OCD patterns is for you [...]

Tools for Coping with OCD

This week I will be blogging about how to cope with OCD. Each day I will share tools that support the cognitive behavioral approach of ERP (exposure and response prevention) derived from all the different approaches I incorporate when I treat OCD in children, adolescents and adults including Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulnes, Somatic, Psychodynamic and Gestalt [...]

“Still Single?!” The myth of something being wrong with you

  This blog is dedicated to all my single friends and all singles who have struggled with their status at some point in their singlehood.   In the landscape of spring there is neither better Nor worse; The flowering branches grow naturally, some long, some short.   -Taoist Poem   Over the past few months, [...]

Pausing to find what really matters

I recently heard an interview on NPR with the film director and documentarian Werner Herzog whose newest film “Into the Abyss” focuses on the ripple effects of criminal acts on both the perpetrators and victims of murder.     In the interview, Herzog says that when you ask inmates who have been sentenced to life [...]

What would YOU do if fear didn’t stop you? Your infinite possibilities

        We have a way of seeing ourselves as fixed beings at times.  Meaning, we have ideas about who we are capable of being, who we should be, what options are out there or not out there for us and that we have to stay within certain parameters.   While to some [...]

Is there life after food? Tips for Conscious Eating

  I just came across an article in the New York Spirit about Jena LaFlamme, a woman who designed her own weight loss program called “Pleasureable Weight Loss”. Her program helps women take the focus off restrictive, punitive diet and exercise regimens that lead to binge eating and teaches them how to find pleasure both [...]

Psychological Wisdom from the Kabbalah: Tips for balanced living

  So what are we doing here on this earth?   Do you ever ask yourself this on yet another draggy Monday morning? I wonder about this a lot, especially as a therapist who sees people’s suffering quite a bit. What’s it all for anyway? Here’s something to chew on for this week if you’re [...]