Monthly Archives: October 2011


Mindful Facebooking or Facebook Detox? Options for overchecking

  Facebook is amazing on many levels. You can connect with old friends you never knew how to locate, look up an ex-girlfriend you might want to reconciliate with, find people to date from your friends’ lists of friends (not so much) and connect socially even when you’re home sick or having a lonely weekend. [...]

Self Care: Beyond manicures and the gym (especially for New Yorkers)

Self help, fashion magazines, the spa and gym culture are all full of good ideas of how to “pamper” yourself. And sure why shouldn’t you? It’s fun, it can make you feel good about yourself for a little while to let yourself be nurtured, slow down, tone up or relax your muscles a bit.  But [...]

Tolerating Uncertainty: Getting beyond thinking something’s wrong with you!

  Last Sunday, the Modern Love column in the New Yok Times featured an article in which Sara Eckel, a single woman, wondered for a large part of her dating life whether something was wrong with her for not being in a long term relationship for 8 years. See:   Have you ever asked [...]